Shohei Juku Newsletter #373 – July 2019

Switzerland and Germany

For nine days from June 4th to 12th, I was invited to seminars hosted by Mr. Urs Trachsler in Switzerland and Mr. Omer Lusky in Germany. We had seminars for four days as well as kyu and dan examinations.

It was my first time to visit Switzerland and Germany since 1975 (44 years ago) when I accompanied Kisshomaru Sensei (Second Doshu) and Moriteru Sensei (current Doshu) for a seminar tour to European countries.    

Eight people from Shohei Juku accompanied me. Yves-san who happened to be back in France also joined us. Ms. Tomoko Iohara also came from England and helped me as my translator which was a great help.  

I was also grateful as Mr. Kazuo Tokuda from Oita also joined us and taught one class per day. 

The dojo in Germany represented by Mr. Omer Lusky is called Shofukan and the one in Switzerland represented by Mr. Urs Trachsler  Zuishokan.  Your continuous support to the two dojos would be appreciated.   

Kagoshima Shohei Juku Opening

On July 15th (Marine Day), the dojo opening ceremony of Kagoshima Shohei Juku will be held. 

The head of the dojo is a Kyushu University graduate, Mr. Yoichi Toyokura who had long been the representative of Yokohama Shomonkai. He returned his hometown Kagoshima last January and has since been preparing for opening the new dojo.  I sincerely wish the new dojo’s success and prosperity from now on.

Dojo Opening Ceremony

July 15th (Marine Day)
1:00PM ~ 3:30PM

11-23 Matsubara-cho, Kagoshima-shi
Shirase Building 2nd Floor

For inquiries: 070-3828-1613

Beppu Dojo

On Sunday, June 30th, a seminar for Beppu Dojo  (Mr. Hiroo Sakamoto, Dojo Rep) was held at Hiji Town Community Center Martial Arts Room. Many people from the dojos in the Oita prefecture participated. Even under a hot and humid weather, everyone looked lively and happily practicing.  

After the practice, we washed off the sweat in the hot springs and enjoyed conversation as relieving the thirst with beer at the after-party.  

Events in July

6 Student Alliance New Member Workshop
7 Yanagawa Dojo (Yamada)
7~13 Seminar in Norway
13~19 Seminar in Israel (Nakamura)
13 Kyushu University (Katsuhiko)
14 Oita Area Joint Examination
15 Kagoshima Shohei Juku Opening Event
15 Weapons Workshop (Takemura)
20 Tosu Shohei Juku
21 Zazenkai
21 Directors’ Meeting
24 Kasuya Shohei Juku
28 Kiju (77 years old) Celebration
30 Benin (Fujioka, ~ August 6)

(Morito Suganuma)