Shohei Juku Newsletter #375 – September 2019

21st Seminar in Vancouver
I was invited to a seminar hosted by Shohei Juku Aikido Canada (Ms. Tamami Nakashimada) and cosponsored by Vancouver Shomonkai (Mr. Masaru Kiyota). I left Japan on August 29th and returned on September 3rd. The seminar is held every year by the two dojos, and each dojo hosts or cosponsors it alternately. It was the twenty-first one this year, and held at Trout Lake Community Center for three days from Friday, August 30th to Sunday, September 1st. We had four classes and Dan and Kyu examination. The number of participants in each class was 75 to 100, and that of the examination was over 30.

In the examination, everyone performed very well reflecting that they had learned solid basic techniques and performed each technique with a good zanshin.  

The atmosphere of the seminar was so bright yet temperate that it finished pleasantly. The seminar party also concluded with dancing “Tankobushi” all together and full of laughter.

Harima Shohei Juku
On Saturday, August 3rd, a seminar and an examination for Harima Shohei Juku (Mr. Toshihiro Horiuchi) were held at Hyogo Prefecture Martial Arts Hall.  

Chikushino Dojo
On Sunday, August 11th, an examination and a seminar for Chikushino Dojo (Mr. Yousuke Jozaki) were held at Tobiume Arena. 

Hita Shohei Juku
On Saturday, August 17th, an examination and a seminar for Hita Shohei Juku (Mr. Shinichiro Hashimoto) were held. As always, I was especially impressed by the good attitude of all the children class students.

Nagasaki Shomonkai
Mr. Atushi Maeda. Due to the space limitation, I will report in the next edition.

Correction and Apology
Thank you very much again for holding the celebration party for my kiju (77 years old) on July 28th. To commemorate the kiju celebration, we published a booklet “Kentai Koshin (Health Body and Peaceful Mind). In page 87, Kobo Daishi is misprinted “弘法大使”, but the correct one is “弘法大師”. I am very sorry about the misprint. 

If any of you wish to get this book, we can provide one for 1000 yen. As of October, the price will be 1100 yen due to the sales tax increase. If you are interested, please contact Shohei Juku Office.

Events in September
Aug 29 ~ Sep 3: Shohei Juku Aikido Canada and Vancouver Shomonkai seminar
Sun 1: Kyushu University Camp (Yamada)
Sat 7: Seinan University and Kyushu University 50th anniversary
Sun 8: Asagiri Dojo 40th anniversary
Mon 9: Fukuoka University Camp (Takemura)
Sat 14: Motooka Dojo (Katsuhiko)
Sat 14: Student Alliance seminar
Sun 15: Dan/kyu promotion examination (Katsuhiko, Yamada)
Sun 15: Seminar for instructors (Katsuhiko)
Sun 15: Minamata Dojo
Mon 16: Chikugo area joint examination
Mon 16: Seminar (Nakamura)
Sat 21: Onga Dojo 5th Anniversary
Sat 21: Oita University Enbukai (Katsuhiko)
Sun 22: Kurume Dojo 40th Anniversary
Mon 23: Kokura Kita Dojo
Thu 26: Chikushino Dojo
Fri 27: Onojo Shohei JUku
Sat 28 ~ Sun 29: Takayama Shinsei Juku

 — MoritoSuganuma