Shoheijuku Newsletter November 2019

Kobe Shohei Juku
On Saturday, October 5th, an examination and a seminar for Kobe Shohei Juku (Mr. Masami Kawabata, Dojo Rep) were held at Center Kakehashi. Though we did not have many participants from other dojos as there was an conflicting event for the Hyogo Prefecture Aikido Alliance on the same day, we still had over 65 participants. It was a lively practice. 

Promotion Party for Acting Dojo-cho 
On Sunday, October 6th, a celebration party for the sixth Dan promotion of Katsuhiko Suganuma, Acting Dojo-cho, was held at ANA Hotel. Approximately 150 people from various regions participated. A special thanks to Mr. Daisuke Maeda and the organizing committee members for their effort to make it happen. We would also like to express our appreciation to all the participants from all over Japan.  

Kumamoto Dojo
On Sunday, October 13th, an examination and a seminar for Kumamoto Dojo (Mr. Koichi Honda, Dojo Rep) were held at Kumamoto Martial Arts Hall. It was very lively with many people from all over Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Omuta, and even all the way from Fukushima. 

Women’s Meeting
On October 14st (National Holiday), we held “Women’s Meeting” at Tenjin Dojo. 37 people participated. This time, we mainly covered self-exercises for taking care of eyes, nose, mouth, ears, stomach, etc, as well as  taisabaki (body movements against various attacks).  

Osaka Shomonkai 30th Anniversary 
On Saturday, October 19th, the 30th anniversary event for Osaka Shomonkai was held at Monoh Martial Arts Hall. 

Many people participated not only from the nearby dojos but also from various places including Nagoya, Kanto, Oita and Fukuoka. It turned out a lively and fruitful commemorating event. Osaka Shomonkai was founded by Mr. Masatsugu Araki and Toranosuke Kamiyama in 1989. Mr. Araki was an instructor of Shohei Juku in Fukuoka, but he was transferred to Osaka. As he wanted to continue to practice Shohei Juku Aikido there, he founded the dojo with Mr. Kamiyama. I have been invited by the dojo every year. As I had more time before, they kindly took me various places which is a pleasant memory for me.  

I wrote 三樹(sanju) on the dojo’s flag.  
  For a one-year plan, it is best to plant (grow) grains.
  For a ten-year plan, it is best to plant (grow)  trees.
  For a whole-life plan, it is best to plant (grow)  people.

The representative position of Osaka Shomonkai was taken over by Mr. Kenichi Okito last year. 

Events in November
2 Kyushu University and Seinan University Enbukai (Katsuhiko)
2,3 Yokohama Shomonkai
4 Yamaguchi Shohwakai
9 Fukuoka University Enbukai (Katsuhiko)
9 Kakogawa Yuyukai
10 Zazenkai 
10 Yatsushiro Seibukan (Nakamura)
12-19 Benin Mugai Juku (Fujioka)
14 Nazuna Shohei Juku
16 Tosu Shohei Juku
17 Oita Area Examination
23 Joint Practice (Tenjin Dojo)
24 Uwajima Shohei Juku
24 Isahaya Dojo (Katsuhiko)
28-Dec 3 Hilo Dojo in Hawaii

— Morito Suganuma