Shoheijuku Newsletter December 2019

Yokohama Shomonkai
On Saturday, November 2nd, a seminar and an examination for Yokohama Shomonkai (Mr. Hiroyuki Jojima, Dojo Rep) were held at Takigashira Hall. After that, we headed over to China Town for a party. I have been visiting Yokohama Shomonkai for many years, but it was my first time to visit the China Town. I was surprised to see how lively the area was. 

Yamaguchi Showakai
On Monday, November 4th, a seminar and a testing for Yamaguchi Showakai (Ms. Mariko Miyazaki, Dojo Rep) were held. Every time, all the participants read out the “Guidelines in Practicing Aikido” together. It left a great impression on me. 

On Saturday, November 9th, a seminar and a testing for Yuyu Kai (Mr. Tsukasa Yoshida, Dojo Rep) were held at Kakogawa City General Gymnasium. It was a lively seminar with over seventy participants from the dojos in the Kansai area as well as all the away from Shimane Prefecture. 

Examination in Oita Area
On Sunday, November 17th, a joint examination session for the Oita area dojos was held at Oita Prefecture General Gymnasium. We had a session for children in the morning and another for adults in the afternoon. The total number of examinees was over 240. As we had some time left, we had a practice and then I headed back to Fukuoka.


Nazuna Shohei Juku
On Thursday, November 14th, I visited Nazuna Shohei Juku (Mr. Katsuto Akamine, Dojo Rep). Mr. Kazuo Tokuda usually teaches regular classes at the dojo, and I am invited only once a year. In the morning, we practiced with Nazuna members and people accompanied me from Fukuoka. After that, we enjoyed heart-felt, home-cooked dishes by the Nazuna members. To celebrate my kiju (77 years old), they performed Kagura Dance for me. We headed back to Fukuoka with fulfilled body and mind.  

Uwajima Shohei Juku
On Sunday, November 24th, a seminar and an examination for Uwajima Shohei Juku (Mr. Tatsuro Ono, Dojo Rep) were held at Uwajima City General Gymnasium. 

Ten people from Kochi Aikido Group joined us as well. There were also some participants who were taught by Hajime Iwata Sensei or Sadateru Arikawa Sensei when they were still college students. It was a very lively seminar. 

Events in December and January

7 – All Kyushu Student Alliance Enbukai
7 – Ogoori Aikidokai
8, 9 – Dan/kyu Examination 
8 – Zazenkai
12 – Omuta Dojo
14 – Kyushu University
14 – Seinan University (Katsuhiko)
15 – Jinenkai 
21 – Fujisaki Dojo
22 – Yanagawa Dojo
29, 30 – Year-End Practice
26 – Jan 4 – New Year’s Holiday Closure
Jan 2 – New Year’s Practice
Jan 19 – Kagami Biraki Ceremony

Thank you very much for your participation and cooperation this year. I wish you all a Happy New Year.

— Morito Suganuma