Shoheijuku Newsletter January 2020

Happy New Year! 

I trust everyone rang in the New Year with full of hope. I hope all of you have a fulfilling year by recharging and cultivating a healthy body and a peaceful mind through practicing Aikido this year again. 

This year marks the 50th anniversary year since I came to Kyushu. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the members of all the Shohei Juku affiliated dojos not only in Kyushu but also all over Japan and overseas for all the support for the past 50 years. 

I would like to continue to train and improve with all of you for the years to come. 

Thank you very much for your continuous support. 


Thank you very much for all the New Year’s cards this year as usual.

I made a mistake first thing in the New Year. As I misorganized my address book, I lost track of the record of whom I sent New Year’s greeting cards and whom I did not. I tried to reply to the people who sent me greeting cards as much as I could. If you did not receive my reply or received a duplicated, that is my fault. Please accept my sincerely apology.  

All Kyushu Student Alliance Enbukai

On Saturday, December 7th, the 39th annual enbukai for All Kyushu Student Aikido Alliance was held at Seinan Gakuin University Aikido Dojo. It was an energetic enbukai with all the support enbus performed by nearby dojos, All Japan Student Aikido Alliance and Kyushu Nutrition and Welfare University.  

Judo Teams Tried Aikido

On Thursday, December 26th, SANIX International Juvenile Judo Team Championships in Fukuoka was held at Global Arena. 

50 participants of the tournament from Taiwan and Hong Kong visited Tenjin Dojo for trying Aikido on the December 28th. Though everyone looked nervous in the beginning, their faces became relaxed-looking gradually as they practiced techniques such as katate-dori ikkyo and kotegaeshi repeatedly. At the end, they got on their buses with full of smiles and headed back.  

Year-end Practice

On Sunday, December 29th and Monday, the 30th, we had our annual year-end practice for two days at Tenjin Dojo. 

We had 65 participants on the first day and 50 on the second day including those who were back in Fukuoka for the year-end and new-year  break and those who are not Shohei Juku members. 

This time Mr. Ko Genkin from Taiwan joined us again, and returned to Taiwan right after the practice.

Events in January

2 – Hatsu Geiko (New Year’s practice)
5 – Keiko Hajime (Regular class begins)
11 – National representatives meeting 
11 –  New Year’s Greetings Exchange Party
12 – Aikikai Kagam Biraki Ceremony
13 – Zazenkai
19 – Shohei Juku Kagami Biraki
 — Awards for promotion by recommendation. 
19 – Instructor’s meeting 

* End of January to beginning of February – Kanchu Geiko (Mid-winter practice)

 — Morito Suganuma