Shohei Juku Newsletter March 2020

Harima Shoheijuku
On Saturday, February 1st, a seminar and an examination for Harima Shoheijuku (Mr. Toshihiro Horiuchi, Dojo Rep) were held at Takasago City Gymnasium. People from nearby dojos, Okayama and Fukuoka joined us. It was a lively seminar.

Chikushino Dojo
On Sunday, February 9th, a seminar and an examination for Chikushino Dojo (Mr. Yosuke Jozaki, Dojo Rep) were held at Tobiume Arena. The members of Hita Shoheijuku (Shinichiro Hashimoto, Dojo Rep) also joined us. After the event, we had a party at Daimaru Besso.

“Chairman’s Award for Promoting Sound Growth of Youth in Fukuoka Prefecture 2020”
Chikushino Dojo was awarded for the many years of contribution to the sound growth of youth through teaching Aikido. Representing the dojo, Mr. Yosuke Jozaki received a certificate of commendation from the governor, Mr. Hiroshi Ogawa at the Fukuoka Prefectural Office on March 23rd.

Beginners Seminar for White Belt Holders
On February 21st, we held a beginners’ seminar for white belt holders. Twenty people participated. Though we did not have a large number of participants, people from Kumamoto, Oita and Kitakyushu joined us. 
We covered basic movements including how to sit down, stand up and bow. We also covered the proper way to do warm-up exercises, funakogi undo as well as other individual movements (ikkyo undo, shiho-giri, tenkan-ho, etc.). We practiced only the basic techniques this time. As many participants mentioned that they wanted to practice more various techniques after the practice, we would like to plan more beginners’ seminars in the future.  
※ The basics are the secret!!
Kanchu Geiko Finished
At each Shoheijuku dojo, kangeiko (winter practice) was held for ten days until March 3rd. The number of people who successfully completed it at each dojo is as follows: 
Fukuoka Dojo – 13
Fujisaki Dojo – 13
Takasago Dojo – 12
Kasuya Shoheijuku – 12
Omuta Dojo – 8
Onojo Shoheijuku – 5
Takamure Dojo – 5
Tenjin Dojo – 5
Harima Shoheijuku – 4
Chikushino Dojo – 3
Ijiri Dojo – 2
Honbu Dojo – 2
Mr. Shigeru Kuchiishi (Yokohama Shomonkai) passed away on January 27th at the age of 49. May his soul rest in peace.
Events in February
Feb 27 ~ Mar 3
Seminar in Canada (Nakamura)
1 – Kochi Aikido Group
6 – Fukuoka Univ. Farewell (cancelled) 
7 – Tosu Shohei Juku (cancelled)
8,9 – Dan/Kyu Examination (postponed)
14 – Student Alliance Directors’ Workshop 
15 – Zazenkai (cancelled)
15 – Yamaguchi Showakai (cancelled)
20 – Chikugo Area Exam (cancelled)
21,22 – Takayama Shinseijuku (cancelled)
27 – Onojo Shoheijuku (cancelled)
28,29 – Uji Shoheijuku (cancelled)
29 – Beppu Dojo (Katsuhiko)
 — Morito Suganuma