Category: Promotions

Promotion: Russ Qureshi, 4th Dan

Congratulations to Russ Qureshi of Shoheijuku Aikido Canada for his promotion to 4th degree black belt at the recent seminar with Suganuma Sensei. Russ has dedicated over 20 years to Aikido. Congratulations!

Joost Van Straten receives his 6th certificate from Suganuma Sensei

Promotion: Joost van Straaten, 6th Dan

Congratulations to Joost van Straaten from Itokan Aikido who received his 6th Dan certificate from Suganuma Sensei this month in Japan.

Norwegian Aikido Federation Promotions

Congratulations also goes to Bjørn-Eirik Olsen of the Norwegian Aikido Federation of his promotion to 7th Dan (pictured above receiving his certifiate from Suganuma Sensei) and Joost Van Straaten on his promotion to 6th Dan.

Hombu Dojo Kagami Biraki Promotions

Eli Lerman Promoted to 6th Dan

Congratulations to Eli Lerman from the Nisshin-Kan Dojo, Israel on his promotion to 6th Dan at the 2016 Aikikai Kagami Biraki Ceremony. Eli spent a number of years in Japan training under Suganuma Sensei before...